Saturday, April 02, 2005

New NetTracker Lite unveiled

Sane Solutions, developers of the NetTracker range of web analytics software, has announced the launch of NetTracker Lite.Jim Rose is a clever guy, builds up his user base, gives a way a free version, and when people realise the benefits of tracking as they surely will, he has already set up an upgrade path, giving value to his clients and his company.

New jobs search site launched

Indeed has announced the launch of, a new search engine for jobs.Good use of keywords in that press announcement! Should do well.

WebTrends acquired by managers and Francisco Partners.

Private equity funds provider Francisco Partners and members of the management team have entered into an agreement to acquire the WebTrends business unit of NetIQ.I thought this was going to be picked up by iProspect, what with all the cross promotion going on. NetIQ had been touting this around for a while, users are concerned about who is going to support the product going forward, hence why 'members of the management team' are included in the announcement - long term internet brand, should do well if managed correctly

Google snaps up Urchin

Search engine Google has announced that it has purchased web analytics system developer Urchin Software.
Cool product, urchin has some advanced features, we reckon that Google is going to give it away, which will dent the analytics market, but be very good for hard pressed internet marketeers. I just hope the users take a free product seriously enough, it was already one of the lowest cost. Yet at a cost to Google of $30m that makes it an expensive giveaway, if that is what happens. Respect in any case, cool product, munches through huge log files with ease.