Monday, February 28, 2005

"Digital divide" narrows worldwide

The "digital divide" between rich and poor nations is narrowing fast, new research claims.
Excellent news... The UN hopes that widening access to technology such as mobile phones and the net will help eradicate poverty

Net users concerns damage commerce potential

Phishing scams and stories about ID theft are damaging the potential of using the net for online commerce, a new report claims.
This is nothing new, buyer beware is the caveat applied to everything you shop, whereever you shop. There are scam artists in all industries and mediums not just online, in the real world and in nature too.

New 3D search engine from Inozon

A beta search engine from online services developer and provider Inozon aims to provide users with a new way to search the internet for products and information.
Yeah right! I get it, download a plug in to succeed. Won't happen. They'll have 10 users in weeks, good luck to 'em. Now if they harnessed the Macromedia plug in - idea waiting to be knicked!

Government unveils computer security alerts service

The UK now has a new rapid alerting service for home computer users and small businesses.
OK, watching brief on this one. We'll see if they manage to scare the market or sort it out. I reckon this will just feed the market place with worries, yet it needs to be done, there should be a way for people to find out. Virus's do damage business and it does cost money to fix. Or upgrade to an Apple computer!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Paid search interest drops

Shares in internet search engine companies have started to drop over the last week, adding fuel to claims that there may be a price bubble in the market.
Classically punters are trying to call the market, this is great news. It demonstrates that there is a market if the market is perceived to be controlled by investors, when we take a taxi and hear the driver is investing - as last time, that will be the peak of the bubble!

Cyber attacks hit Japan

The Japanese government has been hit by a series of unique cyber attacks, targeting the computer systems of high-profile ministerial offices.
This is all over the world, not just Japan. This has got to be something that someone could find a commercial solution for, afterall, fear sells, what is taking the time on this?

Top UK search engines revealed

Neilsen//Netratings has announced the country's top 20 search engines of 2004
In my view there are just not enough, we need more channels, more routes to market, not less, competition rules!

Councils urged to blog

Local councils are being told to get online and keep internet journals, or blogs, to bring local people together.
Too right, it is a great medium for communication, provided that the writers are not too uptight. Buy who let the blogs out and read all about it...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

News companies turn to RSS

RSS is transforming the way people receive news online, according to a number of media reports.
What happened to RSS? has it really taken off? It seems it is a technology too far, a technology that on the surface looks great, but in fact just does not motivate people to use it. A classic non sexy technology... Maybe the reasons are similar to those that are behind the delay of News companies introducing RSS readers. Hey maybe it is just about to take off, maybe this is what RSS is waiting for, lets wait and see... Thoughts?

Web giants bid for

Five internet firms, including Google, Yahoo, The New York Times Company, AOL and Ask Jeeves, are believed to have submitted final bids.
As I have said before there is a shortage of online channels and that is why there is a lot of interest in this - one of the last bastions, perhaps. But a sealed bid process is that really the way forward? I think that reflects on the management of the business and demonstrates that they do not care, they do not plan to run it, they are just looking for money, which is OK for the management, but what about the staff and then, as a result, the product itself. Will this signal a huge purchase followed by a huge disaster. What a caring world we live in.

Movie industry launches fresh peer-to-peer attack

The film industry has filed its second lawsuit in the United States against file-sharing networks.
Truly, madly, MAD!! Hey I know, lets stop the free marketing...

Nokodo offers domain name searches

Nokodo offers keyword searching against the most recently deleted domain names.
We live in an online world where all the great names are gone and mostly unused, I for one welcome the availability of a tool that lets us know where we can pcik up great domains...

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Macrovision tackles DVD piracy

Copy protection firm Macrovision has launched a new technology that will make DVDs harder to copy

Britons frustrated with ISPs

Many Britons are unhappy with their internet service.
I can vouch for that. BT openworld is one of the worse sites in the world. They offer a Mac service, then their engineers do not have any knowledge of what a Mac is!

Gates announces plans for IE7

Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates has announced that a new version of the company Internet Explorer browser is under development.
Maybe they may rethink their compatibility with the Mac and start making some friends. launches speciality search service

Internet travel search engine has announced the launch of its newest search category: worldwide travel agent search by speciality.
Or if you call trailfinders, they will do it for you...

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Yahoo! Blogs beta for Japan

Yahoo! Japan has launched a beta test version of Yahoo! Japan Blogs

Aussie search engine surges in popularity

New Australian search engine Ansearch is reportedly proving popular with web users

Firefox 1.1 launch delayed

The release of the new Firefox 1.1 has been delayed

Women and elderly secure PCs

Older people and women are increasingly protecting their PCs from malicious internet attacks

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Weboptimiser wins award

Weboptimiser has been voted 14th fastest growing media company in the UK.
That is top in our field and I got to have lunch with Chris Ingram founder of CIA and Genesis. Great speech, nice bloke.

Women and elderly secure PCs

Older people and women are increasingly protecting their PCs from malicious internet attacks.
From the email I get, it is positively obscene. Wham, bam, no thank you spam.

Linux founder launches attack on software patents

Linux founder Linus Torvalds has attacked software patents.

ID theft scams on the rise

Identity theft fraud is on the increase in the United States.

Chinese search engine considers IPO

Top Chinese Internet search engine is reportedly planning to raise around $200 million (£106 million) in a US stock flotation this year.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

spam, spam, spam...

Spam traffic soars by 40 per cent
Spam traffic is up by 40 per cent.
- More pills and sex than mortgages at the moment - apparently to reflect the lack of interest in financial services. However, now is the beginning of financial fever, this is the first of two quarters where finance goes bolistic! Beware financial spam is acoming.

Google becomes domains registrar
Search giant Google has become an ICANN-accredited registrar of domain names.
I thought they were already a top level DNS server... Certainly yahoo seems to get a lot of business through offering low cost hosting services and I believe that yahoo has been hiding this. Or at least this could be what Google thinks. In any case, I cannot see hwo they can lose? Worst case scenario, they are covering off another base in the look like Yahoo scenario - who still has a bigger business than Google.

CipherTrust rolls out security upgrade
Email security firm CipherTrust has launched an upgrade to its email reputation filter.
I always wonder if the whole spam thing was brought on us by email protection systems... Apparently this type of company employ former spammers. So it would seem that there is a career path for them, based on the argument that they need to employ people in the know. I saw that on the telly a while back, so it must be true.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005 adds People Search to search capabilities has announced the addition of People Search to its business search capabilities.
In my view this could be the beginning of something big. That is if they can see the value of setting up online communities. Hey guys at - give me a shout if you'd have me run that for you.

Bankrate renews content agreement with Yahoo!

Bankrate, the web based banking marketplace, has announced that it has renewed its operating agreement with Yahoo! Finance.
There goes another deal I would love to have, this is big bucks, man.

Microsoft officially enters search market

Microsoft has debuted the finished version of its own-brand search engine.
Should be an awkward experience.

InternetTrails launches new metasearch site

Virginia-based InternetTrails has unveiled a new metasearch site.
Yeah - another! No, seriously, more search engines allow us to look in new ways. New views provide new opportunities.