Monday, February 28, 2005

"Digital divide" narrows worldwide

The "digital divide" between rich and poor nations is narrowing fast, new research claims.
Excellent news... The UN hopes that widening access to technology such as mobile phones and the net will help eradicate poverty

Net users concerns damage commerce potential

Phishing scams and stories about ID theft are damaging the potential of using the net for online commerce, a new report claims.
This is nothing new, buyer beware is the caveat applied to everything you shop, whereever you shop. There are scam artists in all industries and mediums not just online, in the real world and in nature too.

New 3D search engine from Inozon

A beta search engine from online services developer and provider Inozon aims to provide users with a new way to search the internet for products and information.
Yeah right! I get it, download a plug in to succeed. Won't happen. They'll have 10 users in weeks, good luck to 'em. Now if they harnessed the Macromedia plug in - idea waiting to be knicked!

Government unveils computer security alerts service

The UK now has a new rapid alerting service for home computer users and small businesses.
OK, watching brief on this one. We'll see if they manage to scare the market or sort it out. I reckon this will just feed the market place with worries, yet it needs to be done, there should be a way for people to find out. Virus's do damage business and it does cost money to fix. Or upgrade to an Apple computer!


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