Saturday, February 19, 2005

News companies turn to RSS

RSS is transforming the way people receive news online, according to a number of media reports.
What happened to RSS? has it really taken off? It seems it is a technology too far, a technology that on the surface looks great, but in fact just does not motivate people to use it. A classic non sexy technology... Maybe the reasons are similar to those that are behind the delay of News companies introducing RSS readers. Hey maybe it is just about to take off, maybe this is what RSS is waiting for, lets wait and see... Thoughts?

Web giants bid for

Five internet firms, including Google, Yahoo, The New York Times Company, AOL and Ask Jeeves, are believed to have submitted final bids.
As I have said before there is a shortage of online channels and that is why there is a lot of interest in this - one of the last bastions, perhaps. But a sealed bid process is that really the way forward? I think that reflects on the management of the business and demonstrates that they do not care, they do not plan to run it, they are just looking for money, which is OK for the management, but what about the staff and then, as a result, the product itself. Will this signal a huge purchase followed by a huge disaster. What a caring world we live in.

Movie industry launches fresh peer-to-peer attack

The film industry has filed its second lawsuit in the United States against file-sharing networks.
Truly, madly, MAD!! Hey I know, lets stop the free marketing...

Nokodo offers domain name searches

Nokodo offers keyword searching against the most recently deleted domain names.
We live in an online world where all the great names are gone and mostly unused, I for one welcome the availability of a tool that lets us know where we can pcik up great domains...

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