Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New videos on the site - that makes 100

Loads of new content for the site... search engine marketing firm Weboptimiser

3 more VIP Interviews, a new line up on the front page and I have expanded the IAB sections so that we now have a placeholder for further info on IAB UK and IAB Europe.

The front page retains the Virgin video - I have replaced the middle one from Guy Phillipson announcing the Advertising Revenue Report to the first of three videos (although I have only produced two of them so far) from Interact at Brussels.

The end one is Penny Power of Ecademy - thanks Penny. If you click through to the VIP section
I have just added a great interview of Glen Drury of Yahoo! where he talks about social networking and I have added another video of Darran Snatchfold - making four! Yes I know that is a lot, but this one is kind of a summary of the other three - so watch this one to save you from sticking pins in your eyes on the first three - that is our editing - not his presentation!

Penny, Glen and the new Darran have all been done with the help of Sinem who has cut them down and made them more interesting to watch with cutaways etc. Thanks Sinem - credit where dredit is due and all that.

There are more to come on the VIP front, I have Graeme Foux in the can ready to go of, I interviewed both Robert Stevens of Bunnyfoot and Val-Pierre Genton of Bright talk today - The 'B's have it. So more to come.

I have changed the IAB UK page. You can access the IAB Engage for Retail video.
You will now find the IAB Advertising Revenue Report delivered by Guy Phillipson.

I know you will be excited to know that I have changed the IAB Europe page too: Now you can access the IAB leadership council interviews and the latest Interact event held in Brussels, I have the third video to add soon...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Search standards at the IAB

At last my first standard has been ratified and approved by everyone at IAB UK, SEMPO and DMA - it has taken six month to agree three crucial points hoorah! OK, so now we are going to work out a joint press release and release the details of it in the first or second week of July. In the meantime we (hopefully) going to design a logo and a set of words aimed at search engine marketing companies, explaining how they can promote their compliance to the guidelines.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Great video from Microsoft

I have just finished the marathon video edit that is IAB Interact that I shot in Brussels. Well, I still have the sound to do, but I have assembled the bits and ordered into three parts... Whilst there are many interesting comments - and believe me, I have edited those right down, most are real gems. I am very pleased and it will be out any day now.

Marc Bresseel Regional Sales Director, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions, refers to the latest video campaign developed by Microsoft and it is great:

It very validly states the problem, although not the solution. I dont really see anyone talking to Microsoft about this, I think it describes the overal realisation that companies must have in order to engage commercially with the web, it does not really promote Microsoft as the solution provider.

So, great job in highlighting the issue, it even links to a blog, although the blog itself seem to be more intent on the promotion rather than solving the problem raised. So at the moment, it appears that Microsoft are missing a trick. However, not sure that I know how to resolve the problem either, so I am in the same boat here...

Ok here goes... How about a call to out all those who abuse or ignore or do not employ best practice marketing? That would be controversial and that could help raise the awareness. Or, more positively, how about making case studies of Nike, Lego etc, those who have embraced these new technologies into something evangelical? I will try...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

video editor vacancy

I now have over 100 videos published since march this year, although I took my first video in January and I have about 40 videos not yet processed, I have never the less produced and published 100 videos. So that is 25 videos per month, or one for about every working day. It is a lot of video!

I have learnt a lot too. My first videos are not so good, then I started hiring equipment, then I bought some equipment, low cost, portable lighting and later invested in a semi pro camera, whilst gradully changing the angle of the camera, understanding more and more about lighting, making mistakes about sound and most recently understanding, or at least acknowledging(!) the need for cut aways and background footage.

So I enjoy and find useful interviewing people for video recording and I find publishing, embedding, sharing the end result, easy and fun to do. I can also quickly rough edit, so I am in a position where I can hand over slightly cooked video. I now need someone to stitch it together as I just do not have the time - can anyone tell me where to go? Are you a video editor, based in London, who has experience on Mac and wants to work with Final Cut Studio 2 - motion, color, soundtrack Pro, DVD studio?

All ideas welcome - I am spending so much time on this project now. I can see that Video is going to become a permanent part of the Weboptimiser expanding business. Video for Weboptimiser and its interviewees is starting to gain traction as a result of the prolific amount of interviews that I have achieved. People are being recognised through their interviews - so, TV meets the Web at last.

Are you a video editor? Would you like to access a small video recording studio in the heart of London? Are you able to access my server over broadband, download and process on a project by project basis - let me know.

Eurostar baggage limits

There are none! On looking at their site, they are 'photographer' friendly - I think that marketing identified a niche - photographers - the inference being from a photographers perspective that you could take what you wanted on Eurostar.

Indeed, on checking in, and loading onto the train, staff even joked about the amount of kit I was taking - albeit between two of us, we had 6 bags going and 8 coming back. Coming back I did not have the energy to squeeze the extra light box into one of the big bags and took it separately - partly to see if Eurostar would figure I was over the limit. Although I also managed to pack three extra shiping bags full of chocolate... The office needs me!

This was not the case when I rang customer services. I rang because I suspected the bag limit and being told that we need to be there half an hour early I did not want to be held up and overcharged for too much baggage. I was told I could deliver extra baggage to the terminal 24 hours earlier and it would be available to me within 24 hours of my arrival. I wanted to start filming right away and I did not want to leave fragile, expensive, essential equipment with burly luggage handlers. The telephone support would not commit, I could turn up 24 hours later or I could take a risk and he would provide no guarantees as to what they would say at the terminal.

No wonder Eurostar have had difficulty in making money, they do not seem to be sure about what they are carrying. The staff are perhaps too timid to question luggage limits or too timid to shout about the amount you could take... Does anyone have any Eurostar nightmares? I read on the train that they are dumping Waterloo and will be rerouting trains to St Pancreas with faster travel across the UK - Yipee!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Video Problem...

I have a conundrum... As well as typing on a french keyboard... Here at IAB Europe, at Interact in Brussels I have have had the pleasure of taking a further 30 video interviews. The problem is that there a number of publishers who want to place them on their sites exclusively. So this is very complimentary, but how do I please all the people all the time - so I am hoping that someone reading this might help. I have one idea, auction them... So I allot each publisher 10 points... I provide access to eqch of the videos via a private site. They vote using their points, the highest bid wins and uses their points, those who are unsuccessful get their points back. I have five publishers, I produce 30 videos... Publishers want exclusivity for a period of one week. How many points... Is this the right method... Any better ideas...