Thursday, June 07, 2007

Eurostar baggage limits

There are none! On looking at their site, they are 'photographer' friendly - I think that marketing identified a niche - photographers - the inference being from a photographers perspective that you could take what you wanted on Eurostar.

Indeed, on checking in, and loading onto the train, staff even joked about the amount of kit I was taking - albeit between two of us, we had 6 bags going and 8 coming back. Coming back I did not have the energy to squeeze the extra light box into one of the big bags and took it separately - partly to see if Eurostar would figure I was over the limit. Although I also managed to pack three extra shiping bags full of chocolate... The office needs me!

This was not the case when I rang customer services. I rang because I suspected the bag limit and being told that we need to be there half an hour early I did not want to be held up and overcharged for too much baggage. I was told I could deliver extra baggage to the terminal 24 hours earlier and it would be available to me within 24 hours of my arrival. I wanted to start filming right away and I did not want to leave fragile, expensive, essential equipment with burly luggage handlers. The telephone support would not commit, I could turn up 24 hours later or I could take a risk and he would provide no guarantees as to what they would say at the terminal.

No wonder Eurostar have had difficulty in making money, they do not seem to be sure about what they are carrying. The staff are perhaps too timid to question luggage limits or too timid to shout about the amount you could take... Does anyone have any Eurostar nightmares? I read on the train that they are dumping Waterloo and will be rerouting trains to St Pancreas with faster travel across the UK - Yipee!

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