Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New videos on the site - that makes 100

Loads of new content for the site... search engine marketing firm Weboptimiser

3 more VIP Interviews, a new line up on the front page and I have expanded the IAB sections so that we now have a placeholder for further info on IAB UK and IAB Europe.

The front page retains the Virgin video - I have replaced the middle one from Guy Phillipson announcing the Advertising Revenue Report to the first of three videos (although I have only produced two of them so far) from Interact at Brussels.

The end one is Penny Power of Ecademy - thanks Penny. If you click through to the VIP section
I have just added a great interview of Glen Drury of Yahoo! where he talks about social networking and I have added another video of Darran Snatchfold - making four! Yes I know that is a lot, but this one is kind of a summary of the other three - so watch this one to save you from sticking pins in your eyes on the first three - that is our editing - not his presentation!

Penny, Glen and the new Darran have all been done with the help of Sinem who has cut them down and made them more interesting to watch with cutaways etc. Thanks Sinem - credit where dredit is due and all that.

There are more to come on the VIP front, I have Graeme Foux in the can ready to go of, I interviewed both Robert Stevens of Bunnyfoot and Val-Pierre Genton of Bright talk today - The 'B's have it. So more to come.

I have changed the IAB UK page. You can access the IAB Engage for Retail video.
You will now find the IAB Advertising Revenue Report delivered by Guy Phillipson.

I know you will be excited to know that I have changed the IAB Europe page too: Now you can access the IAB leadership council interviews and the latest Interact event held in Brussels, I have the third video to add soon...

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