Sunday, July 01, 2007

The EPIC that was Interact 2007 is over...

At last I have finished the last in the series of 4 videos that recorded the IAB Interact in Brussels this month, and made a showcase of my newly found video skills. As a result I am not alone in our video making and have been lucky enough to have created a small team of enthusiasts who are busy making even more videos as we sleep...

To see the all the IAB Interact in Brussels videos, visit our Interact IAB Europe page and after watching the first video, watch the next one. Less than half an hour of video took more than 180 hours to make. 60 in the filming and double that in the making and interestingly 20Gb of hard disk space, geeky, but it is nice to know when you have more planned - got to make sure we have what we need when we need it you know.

One of the things that was interesting was that I was able to put together a story, a beginning, middle and an end, and I did so simply by explaining to every person what I was looking for. Only when I downloaded the video was I able to work out how to make it work, it is safe to say that it fell together on editing... There were hours of video that we simply did not use and from each person, apart from the keynotes, Danny and Alain, we only used a few seconds of what was said in perhaps 5 minutes. It was an interesting discovery. Of course the end result is still not perfect, but it does capture some of the enthusiasm, the purpose, content and key messages that the industry wants to be heard and now is enshrined forever into these videos.

Perhaps I should have strived to craft each element in a similar way, for there to be some programatical or visual consistency. But I think that short vignettes each crafted in a different way, reflects the different interview scenarios and makes the point of each stand out.

My primary hope is that viewers find them interesting, informative and viewable. It will be interesting to see if they stand the test of time, and indeed later to compare how often this type of video is viewed and again later reviewed. Naturally we shall optimise each and shortly the videos will be posted around the World and through our analytics we shall know more about the traffic that we receive in the future weeks, months and years.

Thanks especially to all those who gave their time and expressed their views and helped make each of the videos come alive with the joy, prospects and excitement of the industry. I look forward to doing it all again at the next leadership council and at the next interact.

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