Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Action packed IAB search task force meeting

We nearly had people standing at the back of the room at yesterdays IAB Search Taskforce meeting.

We kicked off with a good presentation from Google who introduced their mobile marketing plans and successes, very interesting and insightful, it turns out that Googles center for excellence for Mobile is London. Thanks guys.

Then we went over the final draft of the Search Marketing Charter, pleased to get that one out and with the support and help of the DMA and SEMPO.

We were also able to agree the first version of part two, a guide, as part of the Search Marketing Charter for affiliate marketing in search, real progress was made here and it was fun as always to hear the views of the Affiliate side of search.

Finally we were able to address the issues in advanced search marketing that I originally defined within Third generation search engine marketing( which is based on the firm belief and certain knowledge that in the early days of search we as an industry wanted to explain that search was simple to understand. I am not sure how successful we were in that mission, but certainly search is a mainstream activity nowadays, and this proves that search as a function is simple to use by the worlds populous. So now I think it is important that we identify the complexities that lie beneath in order to be able to explain that we can manage search as marketing tool and use it in a targeted fashion and xtreme marketing - the kind that pulls results - requires close co-ordination to real world scenarios and this is where geographic, behavioural, multivariate testing and the other activities that I have identified kick in.

It was great to see the take up on this subject by the other search marketing companies at the table enthusiastically opted in to supply content on each of the subjects, nothing new was added, so I guess 3GSEM nailed it straight off.

It must be said that the most memorable part of the meeting were the insights into mobile that Google provided - and hopefully you will see a VIP briefing on that very soon.

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