Thursday, June 07, 2007

video editor vacancy

I now have over 100 videos published since march this year, although I took my first video in January and I have about 40 videos not yet processed, I have never the less produced and published 100 videos. So that is 25 videos per month, or one for about every working day. It is a lot of video!

I have learnt a lot too. My first videos are not so good, then I started hiring equipment, then I bought some equipment, low cost, portable lighting and later invested in a semi pro camera, whilst gradully changing the angle of the camera, understanding more and more about lighting, making mistakes about sound and most recently understanding, or at least acknowledging(!) the need for cut aways and background footage.

So I enjoy and find useful interviewing people for video recording and I find publishing, embedding, sharing the end result, easy and fun to do. I can also quickly rough edit, so I am in a position where I can hand over slightly cooked video. I now need someone to stitch it together as I just do not have the time - can anyone tell me where to go? Are you a video editor, based in London, who has experience on Mac and wants to work with Final Cut Studio 2 - motion, color, soundtrack Pro, DVD studio?

All ideas welcome - I am spending so much time on this project now. I can see that Video is going to become a permanent part of the Weboptimiser expanding business. Video for Weboptimiser and its interviewees is starting to gain traction as a result of the prolific amount of interviews that I have achieved. People are being recognised through their interviews - so, TV meets the Web at last.

Are you a video editor? Would you like to access a small video recording studio in the heart of London? Are you able to access my server over broadband, download and process on a project by project basis - let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm an experienced video editor, both in Avid and Final Cut platforms, proficient also in After Effects, DVD Studio Pro and SoundTrack. At the moment I work for a video production firm in Rio - Brazil, editing and coordinating different phases of production. I have plans of going to London the second half of this year, and wondered if we could work something out at your firm.

Leo Oliveira

Anonymous said...

Hello sir
my name adrian, i'm editor to in indonesia i'm ussualy worked for several FCP, Avid and Premiere, it would be wonderful if we can coorporate together..

looking foward for the good news