Friday, October 06, 2006

Chair of Search Task Force

“Unlocking the power of search can transform your customer acquisition strategy”, David White, newly appointed joint leader of the IAB Europe Search Marketing Taskforce.

Welcome to the European Search Marketing Taskforce

Welcome to the new taskforce leader
The IAB Search Marketing Taskforce will now be led by David White, CEO of Weboptimiser Media Ltd (UK). An expert in the search industry with staff collectively able to draw on hundreds of man years of experience in search. David takes over from IAB Chief Executive Danny Meadows-Klue and builds on the projects developed earlier in the year.

What’s on the agenda?
The key objectives of the IAB Europe Search Marketing Taskforce are to:
• Communicate the effectiveness of Search engine marketing
• Coordinate European feedback and views into the global ‘measuring the click’ guidelines the IAB is developing
• Creating a website to champion the best in search engine advertising
• Work on new techniques to quantify the market including improving the industry’s knowledge on search spend in each country

How does the taskforce work?
The group meets monthly by conference call and more regularly by email. Individual members can champion their own projects and collectively the taskforce leaders focus the group’s activity around key issues. As well as Google, Miva and Yahoo, national search engines take part and search marketing stakeholders from all sides of the industry are welcome to join.

What’s in it for Weboptimiser clients?
Weboptimiser leads the initiative to ensure our voice and regular communication with the major search engines on all issues concerning search. Through me you have the opportunity to pose specific questions to the task force. You can actively participate in growing the industry by joining the IAB and the Search Task Force or simply supply case studies.

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