Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Videos are out!

At last - 17 interviews later, lots of struggling with machines that did not used to have enough memory or processing power and a great discovery to find that nowadays, at last, we do have machines that are both affordable and can do the job! I did have to rent the lights, but apart from that the whole thing was quite a low budget affair. It goes to prove, to me at least, no doubt all you people realised already - that you can make business quality videos using a handicam and google video. I tried YouTube first and as you will see, they do not synchronise the sound at all well.

If you fancy some channel hoping, I can prove it to you! Hopping mad more like... Danny does a fantastic job, but sadly YouTube lets him down. Whilst over on Google Danny does a fantastic job and now you can hear him fantastic stuff - keep it going. Danny is such a pro he did the intro without prompt or discussion, just straight in for the take. Excellent. On re-reading this I ought to add that every take he did was a one off - we are just acting out this life, I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears, and with the lucky advent of online video, you can too.

OK, we are nearly there, I am waiting feedback from a couple so right now there are a few blanks, but all the videos are coming together and are soon to be accessible directly from within the IAB Europe website itself. For an immediate peek of whats coming, check it out. - My privilege - two nice links direct to the Weboptimiser website - and I got to have 17 conversations in one afternoon - more than if I had been a delegate, although of course I was one of those too. I just happened to bring along the camera, some lights, a special microphone, a laptop that we used to autocue the questions... it all came together very nicely. Thanks to every one, it was fun.

It was a genuine pleasure to meet so many people in such a short period, it was a great fun, full marathon - well 17 video interviews in something like four hours - I was knackered! It was great to meet people I had met before and even better to be giving them the opportunity to present themselves on camera I made some new friends too, girls and boys from the states, Spain, France, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland, Woking, London... and I got to have some close ups with 'the competition' too. Nice to meet you and I look forward to doing it all over again in Belgium in the summer.

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