Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Federation of small business is quite big

It was a great pleasure and rather handy to discover that the AGM of the FSB was to be held in Hammersmith - a short walk from where I live - over the bridge in Barnes. It was made more delicious when it was just a few days after we had become members - so in many ways it was a real rush, as no sooner had we joined, there was an AGM, it was on my doorstep and then to sweeten things further the FSB leadership invited us to make a short video for them and so we did - and now it is number one on Youtube. Fabulous. Watch our first 'political' video here:

I actually took the footage the day before - budget day - I was spotted by Helicopter and the policeman that stopped and searched me explained that I needed permission from black rod - so I explained I still had one more shot to take and his comment was "go on then son". So this video has extra poignancy as one of the key issues that affect small business is the way that the law operates to protect us.

I found another great video over at - it looks like they had a little more time and employed the services of a freelance musician to produce an original score.

I also had the pleasure of recording a video with a couple of celebrities as well and you can see my David Bellamy interview on our London Mayoral Election page.


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