Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Having a great time

Absolutely, Hungary was a great experience, seems like the distant past now, but there was a certain crispness that I enjoyed, Czech republic was all about sitting around campfires and guitar playing, very relaxed, fabulous country side, great atmosphere and then onto Berlin, already a week ago and tomorrow I film London the great city Crisis run for the homeless, so I hope to catch a few friendly faces on that little jog.

And of course, video video video. I have completely outgrown my systems, I cannot believe that I have over three terabytes of videos and have a personal collection of five european city backdrops London, London, London, Brussells and last week Berlin.

That is not to forget the fun I had speaking at the Fresh Business Thinking event soemwhere in the middle, still have more events to look forward too to. Tomorrows event promises to introduce me personally to Ken Livingstone, although not everyones favourite, nevertheless a character and I will get to witness a few personally held views in the process - its always great to proven right and even better to be proven wrong when the outcome does not matter...

So it looks like we are set to expand even more our video, seo and ppc business at last, ahving just taken on a new office and employed our first person for some time with an explicit European directive who lives on the turf. I see more video, ppc and seo.

We are also enoying number one positions for search engine marketing and pay per click at the moment too, so it is all working out rather well... Probably not for long, but I keep seeing familiar faces and that is the best thing!

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