Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blog Debut

As a coalface online marketeer, I've been blogging for years. I just didn't know it. By posting on tech forums such as Webmaster World where I am known as perlcoder and Search engine watch where I try to hide my true identity by calling myself davidatweboptimiser and my entries at Ecademy and Ryze where I am known as me, I have done all the things that blogging is. But this is more direct, so maybe there is a difference and now I enter the world of real bloggers!

If you knew me at any of these places, you would have done very well, as I have not posted often. My wife describes me as a workaholic and I am a fully fledged techy, man manager and business owner. I am time poor. Visit my search engine marketing site. So why now? I reckon it is now that I feel I have put so much into the Internet and know so much about the way it works that I should develop a voice that goes beyond just coding and business, some way of talking outside, in a way that should not affect my relationships with the bank, investors, customers, competitors, colleagues, former employees, bosses, sons, former and current spouse. (Note: when my wife read this, she started referring to me as her first husband... oops!) If any of you read this, hello and if I put my foot in it, call me first and I'll edit it out! To an extent you could say that this has been the big limitation behind not going public with my thoughts and feelings in the past!

So now I can talk out loud the first thing I would like to do is congratulate Biz Stone of Google for writing and publishing "Who let the blogs out ". I thought Biz was a woman, but my wife merely pointed to the undoubtedly masculine photo on the back of the book and raised her eyebrows.... Anyway, it brought me right up to date with all the core sites out there and inspired me to set up this blog - his objective, I think, and that is why I am here working on my Apple laptop in the living room wearing my Google T shirt, while listening to my Google radio, and illuminating the whole, happy scene with a Google light. (Later, I'll go out in my Google scarf, but that's enough of that!)- I only have two types of T shirt and they say either Apple or Google. I have met Steve Jobs. (Wife: 'you said what?)

So my blog, what is it about? I often read the news on my search engine optimization site ( I know shameless keyword laden plug - but that is what bogs are about - hyperlinks to stuff). Often I read it for the first time like you would on the site - I don't write it. I find it really interesting. We have some really good coverage going on there and have done for years, we lost the first few archives (doh) and so here we are building it up again and already we have 1000's of pages in Google, so it's doing its stuff and it's all real, genuine and original apart from the things we make up which mainly occur on April 1st. Anyway, the point is that my blog is about that news. I have other news sites too, try this one: UK sport news, but I am not really a sports fanatic, but I have loads of things I am always bursting to say about my industry - internet marketing. So now, like it or not, here I go. I plan to write about what I think needs to be said.

Naturally I hope you enjoy my blog. Thanks for reading, I look forward to seeing you again, soon.


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