Friday, January 28, 2005

Ofcom examines possibility of internet regulation

Content on TV and the internet is set to move closer as the quality of video streaming technology improves
- should be fun to see how this pans out, every attempt to regulate has had difficulties so far, although when perpetrators are caught, there seems to be just a few offenders...

New Opera browser includes voice features
The latest version of the Opera internet browser.
OK so they can tick the box with another feature, but as it only works in certain situations, in a certain manner with a certain operating system - why bother - this is just a feature exercise for cheap PR

Ask Jeeves plans wireless search service
Ask Jeeves has revealed that it is currently developing a wireless search service for mobile phones.
Now this should be good, although I have read that the kids are using less mobile technology nowadays, but very obvious opportunity to get a fee per click and this can be shared with the operator, so this is a win / win. We'll see how this works, we might actually have an internet enabled feature that does something!

Amazon adds photographs to local search
Online retail giant has launched a new local business directory that supplements address and phone number listings with a photographic tour covering 10 major US cities, including Dallas New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.
- Now this is big news, really big news, this adds something different to search where search is literally mapping the real world. Wow things are starting to happen.


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