Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I was reminded last week of 3GSEM, just when you think the latest thing has already moved on, I received a solid jolt that confirmed 'we were right!' to focus on 3GSEM. When I said that 3GSEM stood for third generation search engine marketing I was thinking about the sophistication that is now involved in the process of delivering search engine marketing services. That is easy to say, but what does it mean? This question is made harder when so much technology needs to be protected and revealed only to clients who have signed NDAs and you are sure are not likely to take what we have developed...

So, Web Analystics, of course is an indication of third generation of search engine marketing. I met John Marshall at the third Emetrics Summit in London, where you will see what a nice man he is. Indeed he was a delight and much sought after at the event, I was delighted of course to 'capture' him on video. In all I was able to take about 14 videos, including one of Mike Grehan - watch this space. I hope to put the entire collection online soon, but first here's Johnny:

For Jim Sternes video, visit the Web Analytics section on the Weboptimiser web site.

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