Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy Bee at the IAB

It was a great honour and pleasure to be asked by Val-Pierre Genton to speak at his B2B event at the IAB UK today - and to speak to and hear from an audience of agency folk. The other speakers were really interesting too, Sarah from Trade Doubler, Ed from Concep Global, Graeme from Nexus Group and of course Val-Pierre himself hosting the event in fine style - although I had expected Champagne Val-Pierre, seem to remember that was why I came to the first meeting...

I had to cover 10 years worth of experience in search in ten minutes, and then so did Ed on Email marketing. Loads of fun... Whilst Sarah admitted that there was a lot of life in the consumer model with many obvious B2B opportunities yet to be found and created.

Afterwards I found myself alone in the basement, dialling into the IAB Europe search taskforce call, speaking to another set of and making new friends in Holland - hello Paul!

Then afterwards, I called up Val-Pierre and Graeme - you will see them on the VIP video soon...

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