Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Day 1 at Internet World 2007

Whew - what a busy day - taxis delivering children, a mad rush with all sorts of equipment and bags to the event - you can imagine - first to arrive - waited, waited, waited... for the organisers for their video interview - they were overwhelmed - the biggest IW show in years, so I had to step in and do the interview myself, I figured I was doing a backup - turned out to be the show - here it is:

So at 11am there it was, online on the front page of Internetworld.co.uk a true video coup!

As explained, my presentation was at three - it started with a few seated residents - par for the course! Where is everyone - within minutes the seats filled and colleagues could not find a space - ensuring that there would be a number of people rubber necking - whats going on! Sound worked, presentation played, mac connected like a dream - for this presentation I even prepared video - sound from machine did not work - no worries I spoke over the soundtrack (that was not playing) and filled in the gaps - by the time I got to my third video - expecting total disaster and seeing in the gleeful eyes of the audience that they could not wait for another failure technical had stepped in and connected me up - hoorah! (was that guy smokin somthin?). The funniest thing was spotting Davina Lines in the audience just at the moment her audio was not working- I offered her the mike - she could at least lip sink - she would remember what she said - wouldnt she?

You can see it all later - I recorded the whole lot -failure and success to camera - downloading now - so in a few hours guess what I will be able to show you all - I have not seen it myself yet - so maybe not... Laters!

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