Saturday, May 26, 2007

Engage for Retail, IAB Leadership Council and more VIPs!

My feet are not touching the ground at the moment, barely have time to process the videos I am taking... Somehow I have just squeezed out another 15, hah, no problem! So, well on track for 200 for the year now.

Thanks to everyone at IAB UK for setting it up and of course to all those lovely people who spoke, as usual nice to see familiar faces - including a good number who have never been on video before - well done! Great commentary too.

The IAB Leadership Council - what can I say, just more of the above plus, some really inciteful stuff and of course a big thank you to Alain who took the time to explain his plans for IAB Europe more of that on our search engine marketing site.

Then VIPs, are the VIPs, again these are a combination of clients, nice people and industry stars - the quality of content is getting better and better and our content wings are seriously spreading - it is such an exciting project, you will see more as it expands now, but I think we are getting close to the tipping point we are looking for...

So if you would like to appear on one of VIP briefings, let me know, it is just about to go big and your profile will very definately be raised... type in Roy Patel into Google... (Hi Roy! - you know already...).

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