Saturday, December 06, 2008

Search Engine Marketing Credit Crunch?

It has been quite a while since my last post, I can quite believe it. We have been so busy these last six months with more and more business being won and existing clients wanting us to do more and of course lots of learning too.

One of the wonderful things at Weboptimiser, being involved in the search engine marketing industry is that the market and hence our services are always changing, always developing. Even more interesting for us - and our clients - we often work out what is going to happen in advance, because - well, we are in it to win it! We stay alert, we see the technology, new vendors approach us, we buy the technology and we create and deploy resulting techniques.

Of course, one of the big things - content is still King - just gets better. The search providers continue to increase their capability, acquire new partners, new services, absorb more technologies, index more, get better at search - but essentially it is all around the same thing - indexing content. - so the key is to identify your lexicon for information production, by creating your very own taxonomy, and focussing on that - you will create more and more content - nowadays, you can deploy against a wider range of media. I have been doing a lot of that recently - amazing amounts. So from a client perspective, there are more ways to differentiate, increase market share, from a vendors perspective (that's us!) - more ways to grow the business, cement relationships and deliver the goods.

Talking about search providers increasing the capability, I am interested to see how Google now incorporates Multi Variant Testing into their systems - this would upset a few technology vendors I can think of - but it is great news for clients - who ultimately will spend less to achieve more - and great for visitors - who will click less to get to what they want.

The economy is up! A big thank you to the Gaurdian for featuring my comments.

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