Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why Javascript ?

Ok since writing the last post a couple of people have said why are you talking about JavaScript? I apologise dear readers for not explaining earlier...

Working in search engine marketing and social media, a lot of the focus is of course on site or blog optimisation. All sites - including blogs need to be interpreted - by a browser. The browser itself has functionality that is often used, especially in Web 2.0 applications and that functionality is very often JavaScript driven. By and large we all have it and it is turned on.

So my review was really intended as an update on what was out there for my own personal reasons. I did find some interesting things, although I am still appalled as to the amount of poor documentation that exists for Javascript, which is a real shame.

JavaScript, does have some effect on search engine marketing - mainly you want to separate it from the code as JavaScript is still SEO unfriendly. Although it does help a lot with accessibility and usability and also with pay per click campaigns...

JavaScript is the common driver behind many Web 2.0 elements of site functionality. JavaScript can help deliver the correct style sheet to different media readers as well as help with multivariate testing. JavaScript largely gets in the way of SEO and helps sites to fail accessibility sites.

We have just learned that JavaScript is built into Adobe PDF files - we new we were on to something - indeed it would seem that JavaScript may well be going through a renaissance period - although we can't imagine it is going to go through a metamorphosis - more that it is gaining in currency and as with PDF files, we are going to find that it is used more and more... We will see!

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